Advanced solutions for access control include standalone and networked systems. We stock an extensive selection of keypads, readers, control kits, fobs, cards and mechanical code locks.

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Networked Access Control

Access Security,Comelit-PAC,CDVi,IP Door Entry

Networked access control systems are traditionally managed on a network allowing for remote monitoring and management. Systems can now also be used by built-in or separate 4G transmission modules

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Standalone Access Control

Access Security,Farfisa,ICS Security Solutions

Standalone access control systems manage entry without the need for a network connection. Ideally for installation where there is no need for audit trails.

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Card Printers

Access Security

Magicard offers a range of printers to exceed every user’s requirements. Whatever you need: low cost, high speed, edge-to-edge printing, high security, high resolution, photo-realistic colour reproduction or simply the most reliable and best supported printer in the market, Magicard is there for you.

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Accessories and credentials

Access Security,Farfisa

We stack and source a wide range of access control accessories including Proximity fobs, tokens and cards.

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Value added service guarantee

Experience the difference with Value Added Service! At Access Security Solutions we take pride in going the extra mile to ensure that our customers receive not only top-quality products but also a seamless and efficient experience allowing you to focus on what matters most – your business.