Access Security Solutions door entry range includes options with advanced features including IP connectivity with video call forwarding to smart devices. This not only enhances the security and functionality of the system but also keeps the resident in control, no matter where they are.

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BUS Wired


BUS wiring employs advanced technology to enable each element of the system (panels, monitors and distributors etc) to be connected on a common 2 core line. This carries power, audio, video and data signals throughout the installation providing a simple and flexible solution for installations of any size. Products on the system are programmed to create the desired functionality. Pre-programming is offered free of charge with Farfisa products with our exclusive VAS service.

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IP Wired


State of the art IP technology overcomes limits imposed by traditional intercom systems. It is particularly suitable for large multi-user complexes and can often utilise existing networks. Calls can be sent to dedicated monitors, tablets, smartphones, and even smart speakers!  Remote configuration and management are usually possible without the need for any specialist IT skills.

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Farfisa,Optimus,IP Door Entry

The range of carefully selected 4/5G GSM Door Entry Panels utilise proven mobile phone technology to provide all the expected features of a traditional audio or video intercom system without wiring or geographical limits. Call landlines, mobiles or VoIP. No cable, no problem!

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Door Entry Spares


Access Security stock a range of replacement items for a number of leading manufacturers and have access to spare parts for many established brands including ACET, Videx, Bell Systems, BPT, Fermax, and Btichino.

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Value added service guarantee

Experience the difference with Value Added Service! At Access Security Solutions we take pride in going the extra mile to ensure that our customers receive not only top-quality products but also a seamless and efficient experience allowing you to focus on what matters most – your business.