Our large range of power supplies offer flexibility and proven reliability. We’re happy to provide guidance if you require assistance selecting the correct specification for your application.

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Boxed Power Supplies

Dycon,ICS Security Solutions

When working out what power supply is required it is advisable to to allow for a minimum of 25% spare on load current. For example 3amp max load – 2.25amp

Brands  – Dycon, Deedlock, Elmdene, ICS, RGL and more

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Un boxed Power Supplies

Dycon,ICS Security Solutions,Access Security

Unboxed Power supplies are used when battery back up is not required and space is limited

Brands  – Dycon, ICS, RGL,  and more

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Battery Back Up

ICS Security Solutions

Lead Acid batteries are rechargeable and give protection during power cuts.

Brands  – Access, ICS, Power Sonic, Yuasa Yucell, and more


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