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MD30 Farfisa Spare

The Farfisa MD30 speech module is an Electric door speaker unit for Mody and Prestige push button panels. Ideal for use with Mody and 3rd party speech units where 4+1 wiring is required


PT510W Farfisa Spare

Basic intercom of Project series. Complete with door-lock release button, spiral cord, electronic microphone. Suitable for 4+1 intercom systems with alternate current call and electronic call. Also suitable for FN4000 digital systems.


EX3100C Farfisa Spare

Colour monitor of Exhito series, with LCD 4″ screen, basic version. Supplied with 3 buttons for door lock release, monitor auto switch-on and further eventual ones. Depending on the wall bracket used, you can use it with digital FN4000 or DF6000 systems, or with analogue one with reduced wiring or conventional wiring, always with electronic call


PRS220 Farfisa Spare

Power supply for 4+1 intercom systems with alternate current call. 15 VA. VDE and SASO certification. 4 A modules in DIN bar.


3070A Comelit Spare

 Vandalcom digital call module for simplebus. Module Made of double 2.5 mm stainless steel plate, complete with 12 stainless steel pushbutton keypad illuminated from the rear, 16-character alphanumerical display for showing the call codes and interactive messages with the user (engaged, etc.). Also carries out the coded access function with 300 possible different codes with 6 digits.


2738W Comelit Spare

2 button mini door entry phone. Door-entry phone for Simplebus 2 system with electronic call, key button and additional button for extra services (switchboard call, actuator and generic uses). Call volume and privacy adjustment by means of 3-position selector. Privacy activation is indicated by a red light. Allows floor door call management. Complete with 8-position dip-switch for selection of the desired user code.


6701W Comelit Spare

Simplebus mini door entry monitor.  Wall-mounted colour monitor with 4.3″ 16:9 screen and handset. Allows brightness and contrast control, plus adjustment of the volume of the ringtone, which can be customised with a choice of different melodies. Equipped as standard with 4 soft touch buttons for door-opening, self activation, switchboard call, silent mode and with door status indicator LEDs.



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XL5-PS Bell Systems Spares

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AGTA200K BPT Spares

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EV+ Entrotec Spares

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6256 Videx Spares

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