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DBR200 Very Handy Little Relay

VHLR – Double pole clean contact relay

  • input: 12 – 28v AC/DC
  • Output: Clean
  • Size: 59mm (w) x 30mm x 69mm – Internal
  • Load: Contacts @ 2amp

TR-03 Timer Relay

0.5 – 60 second Timer relay

  • input: 12 – 24vdc
  • Output: 2 x change over contacts
  • Size: 55 mm (w) x 43 mm x 27 mm
  • Load: Contacts 5Amp@250Vac / 30Vdc

TS2000 Timer Relay

7day Timer with BST adjustment

  • Input: 12vdc
  • 7day timer with 8 on / off times
  • Size: 66mm (w) x 98mm x 40mm

Brands  – Access, PAC, Bell


RM1 Voltage Module

Voltage rectifying module with sounder

  • Input: 12 – 24vAC
  • Output: DC ( 10% less than AC input)
  • Size: 70mm (w) x 15mm x 60mm

Brands  – Alpro, CQR


SM1228 Voltage Module

Voltage reducing module

  • input: 24vdc
  • Output: 12vdc
  • Size: 27mm (w) x 15mm x 39mm

ILM200 Interlocking

2 Door Interlocking module

  • input: 12vdc
  • Output: 2 doors
  • Size: 70mm (w) x 60mm x 15mm
  • Load: Contacts 2amp @ 12vdc

FB04 Fuse Board

4 x 1amp fuse board

  • Input: 12vdc
  • Output: 4 x 12vdc
  • Size: 70mm (w) x 15mm x 60mm

Brands  – Access, ICS, RGL

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