Our emergency door releases (EDR) can be used to cut the power to a fail-safe lock in case of an emergency, as back up in the event of a failed exit device or by emergency services for entry.

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Manual Call Points

Access Security,CQR,ICS Security Solutions

Manual Call points also often referred to as Emergency Door Releases or EDR should always be used as a back up for exit when an obvious and clear exit is not possible via another route.

Brands  – Access, CQR, GEM, ICS, KAC and more

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Stoppers and Sounders

ICS Security Solutions

Stoppers help prevent malicious, accidental use and even damage of manual call points. With a range to choice from features include such as Custom Labels, Sounders, break seals and much much more.

Brands  – Access, ICS, STI and more

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Dual Units

Access Security,ICS Security Solutions

In resent years Dual Exit and Emergency Door Release have evolved. Allow us to introduce you to some of the most popular units available

Brands  – Access, ICS, RGL and more

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Fire Control Boxes

Access Security,ICS Security Solutions

Fire control boxes are designed to allow emergency services quick entry in to area’s restricted by Access Control Systems. Access Security Stock a range of fire control boxes from various manufactures

Brands  – Access, Bell, FSM, ICS, Videx and more

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Push Bars

CQR,ICS Security Solutions

Emergency escape bars ensure the quick and simple release of doors in and emergency. Dependant on the environment and risk assessment escape bars are available in different forms including  mechanical, micro switched and touch. Locking points can be within the bars themselves or separate electronic locks can be used and switched via micro switched bars.

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EDR Spares and Accessories

Access Security,CQR,ICS Security Solutions

Large number of spare keys and covers kept in stock and available on next day delivery.

Brands  – Access, CQR, GEM, ICS, KAC and more

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Value added service guarantee

Experience the difference with Value Added Service! At Access Security Solutions we take pride in going the extra mile to ensure that our customers receive not only top-quality products but also a seamless and efficient experience allowing you to focus on what matters most – your business.