We offer an extensive range of electric lock options including strikes, solenoid bolts and electronic locks together with a wide selection of maglocks, select models of which can be supplied in a colour of your choice.

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Hotel Locking


Onity’s access solutions and technology make it easier for guests, residents, and customers to simply and securely open doors throughout your property – giving them more freedom to move about their day, and giving you more peace of mind.

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Magnetic Locks

Access Security,CQR,CDVi,ICS Security Solutions

Maglocks are a popular way of securing a door for access control due to the competitive price, ease of installation, variations and reliability. Our Magnetic Lock ranges from various manufacturers for internal and external use. They are also complemented by an extensive bracket range to cover all door types including covered architectural brackets, glass brackets and more.

Brands  – Access, Deedlock, CDVi, ICS and more

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Electric Strikes

Access Security,CQR,CDVi,ICS Security Solutions

An electric strike is an access control device used for doors. It replaces the fixed strike faceplate often used with a keeper plate. A strike or release will normally present a ramped surface to the locking latch allowing the door to close and latch just like a fixed strike would. However, an electric strike’s ramped surface can, upon command, pivot out of the way when the lock on the door is in the locked position and the door is opened, allowing a user to open the door without operating the mechanical lock or using a mechanical key.

Brands  – CQR, Dorcus, CDVi, GEM, ICS and more

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Electric Locks

ICS Security Solutions

Electronic locks cover locking options for single and dual action doors and are available from many manufacturers. Mainly used when morticed into door the range covers emergency and fire exit with mainly still operational with side load pressure.

Brands – Abloy, GEM, ICS and more

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ProductsCover_ShootBolt EB180 V2 READY

Solenoid Bolts

CQR,ICS Security Solutions

Available for Mortice or surface fitting Electronic shoot Bolts offer a higher level of security and are ideal for Vertical and horizontal fitting to single and double swing internal doors. Surface and glass mount options are also available. When fitted in to the correct door type correctly Solenoid shoot bolts are a strong locking option.

Brands – CQR, CDVi, GEM, ICS and more

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ProductsCover_ICS Shearlock_READY

Shear Maglocks

ICS Security Solutions

Shear maglocks offer a discreet and secure locking solution. Suitable for horizontal and vertical installation and available in a range of options including dual voltage, slimline fitting, door and lock monitoring, surface and glass fitting options. Generally a 2 -3 mm gap between the top of the door and the frame is optimum for the electromagnet to attract the armature plate and keep the door locked.

Brands – Access Security, CQR, GEM, ICS and more

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Door Retainers

ICS Security Solutions

Door retaining maglocks also known as electromagnetic door holders are designed and mainly use to hold open doors and then release on trigger from fire alarm. Door retaining maglocks are often used for corridors in hospital, care homes and school. They can also be operated by manual release for safety and convenience.

Brands  –  CQR, GEM, ICS and more

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